Live from EuroCIS 2016

Elke Moebius, Director EuroCIS, takes stock

Elke Moebius sums up about the exhibition in 2016.

Exhibitor statements from EuroCIS 2016

For many exhibitors EuroCIS is an integral element of their annual planning. Others present their solutions for the first time in Dusseldorf. And for all of them this is the best place to see the latest products which are presented to the industry professionals. In the video, they tell us more about why they atre exhibiting here at EuroCIS.

Impressions from EuroCIS 2016

What beats in the heart of retailing? Which new technologies for online and offline retail are there? EuroCIS, the "Leading Trade Fair for Retail Technology" shows it. You too can get an insight into how the store of tomorrow could look in the video.

Visitor statements from EuroCIS 2016

EuroCIS 2016 attracts visitors from all sectors of the retail industry. We have asked them what makes the trade fair important for them and what highlights they have already discovered.


Payment Solutions at EuroCIS 2016 - Photo Gallery

The new software release My-Scan 3.0 offers new functionalities such as locationing and beacon messaging, mobile couponing, digital shopping lists and mobile payment. Also new is the "Kitchen Scanner", with which products can be scanned at home. An omnichannel platform serves as a central connection. It integrates both the different customer devices (handheld scanner, smartphone, tablet computer) as well as the backend systems of the retailer.
The fast hybrid terminal H5000 makes the payment process easier with ist self-explanatory icons on the display - and thanks to multiple communication interfaces also more flexible. The acceptance of magnetic stripe or chip-payments is done via the illuminated hybrid card reader. Contactless transactions, for example from smartphones are handled via the NFC reader in the display frame.
Blue Code is a highly secure payment technology specially designed for smartphones. It generates a new, unique and individual Blue Code for each payment transaction. No data needs to be stored in the app and no confidential user data is transmitted in the payment cycle. Ongoing examination procedures ensure that no unauthorized access is made to the overall system of Blue Code.
With OptiPay, payment service provider ConCardis offers a new mobile payment solution. A handy chip- and PIN-enabled terminal with a free app on the retailers smartphone allows for payment by card - flexible and location-independent. The possibility of also using NFC to pay contactless is integrated here. In addition to the low purchase price for the terminal,a nother benefit ist hat retailers only have to pay the respective transaction costs.
With sellfio customers can pay online and perform the entire shopping on their smartphone: from the digital shopping list on to self-scanning, an indoor navigation and automated self-checkout. This means: No queues, no packing and unpacking, no handheld scanner. Retailers also benefit from the application by saving costs, increasing productivity and understanding their customers better.
With the RealPOS XR5 NCR introduces a new energy-efficient, fanless complete system with multi-touch-screen. The compact design enables multiple positioning options: on a desk, a pedestal, on a wall or on a bracket. The quad-core Intel Celeron processor provides the power needed at a low operating temperature and with low power consumption. An integrated "Odometer" detects the use of system resources as well as the overall state of the system to prevent failures.
Elo PayPoint Pro integrates register, cash drawer, credit card reader, barcode scanner, receipt printer and a customer facing display for use with every point-of-sale (POS) software application. The flip-for-signature touch screen encourages shopper engagement and electronic receipt delivery. Retail peripheral expansion is supported by additional USB, serial port, and cash drawer port connections.
The new Magellan 9800i scanner is the world’s first bar code scanner driven completely by high performance digital imaging, resulting in the ability to increase checkout performance in the world’s busiest checkout environments by enabling maximum throughput for both 1D and 2D bar codes. The Magellan 9800i scanner also enables a new way to interact with shoppers: a customer-facing imager allows shoppers to quickly and easily self-scan digital coupons from mobile devices, paper-based coupons and loyalty cards.
The intelligent cash handling solution SMARTtill is based on a cash drawer and was designed to enable retailers to constantly monitor the cash transactions at all so-equipped POS, thus ensuring change availability and providing the market management with timely information when cash holdings reach certain minimum or maximum amounts. As with any automated cash management solution SMARTtill is intended to realize possible efficiency gains as employees are relieved from manual cash handling.
The OPP-C60 is a highly standardized payment system for easy installation in all kiosks. The high-resolution color display enables sharp and clear readability even in direct sunlight. The combination of OPP-C60 with the high-security card reader SCR-B meets highest security requirements.
The MoveFlow can be customized for every customer´s individual requirements, from brand specific coloring to the ability of handling cash payment. MoveFlow is ideal as an express checkout in stores or as complementary express checkout in supermarkets and convenience stores. The MoveFlow Hybrid checkout is specifically designed for convenience stores and can be changed from assisted service to self-service in seconds. MoveFlow needs no extra external devices and is POS independent.
To save costs in retail it can often be useful to continue using the current POS hardware. With its POS software Connect 24-7 provides the possibility of upgrading existing POS hardware with a current software solution. Connect 24-7 offers a offers a fully modular and integrated system – retailers only use the functions they really need and which are required by a modern POS system.
Check-out process, returns or customer card processing: The POS software PRIAMOS fundamentally optimizes these processes. For easy operation PRIAMOS features a modern touch interface for stationary and mobile sales. With innovative ideas, such as the integration of digital and mobile payment receipts and self-checkout, the POS system is ready for future demands.
The NOVUS Retail System makes it possible to combine EC devices, monitors, keyboards in a useful manner and to optimally place them in the checkout area. The flexible elements are designed to meet the special requirements of retail applications and can be integrated harmoniously into any store design. From cable management to the table mounting - all the components are designed for safety and maximum flexibility.
Star Micronics has developed the world's first POS printer / cash drawer combination to meet the need for an easy to integrate mobile POS system. With its simple design, the mPop offers a variety of intuitive features. With a height of 10 cm and only 30 cm wide, it is easily portable and thanks to Bluetooth connectivity only one power cable is required for full functionality.

New solutions for sales promotion at the POS - Photo Gallery

Photo: Consumer uses touchscreen
The Mobile Mirror combines real and virtual branding perception. Using a 42" touchscreen and a camera, customers can look at themselves from every angle while trying things on with the delayed playback. Pictures and videos can be taken directly with a brand / retail logo attached, and sent directly using the customer‘s own smartphone via social media or e-mail to friends and acquaintances. Additional features: integrated Instore TV and online shop connection.
Foto: Shoplet' solution is showed on a tablet
Using the Digital Sales Experience Platform, consulting and sales processes can be harmonized and optimized in direct and shop sales. For this, the platform provides various tools to continually adapt processes and therefore react optimally to customer requirements. The system is comprised of two main components: An innovative tablet application solution and a marketing and campaign system in which the consulting content and campaigns can be defined centrally and specifically assigned to consultants, regions, or shops.
Foto: Bitplaces
Bitplaces Mobile Intelligence Cloud seamlessly extends app functionality, allowing retailers to target customers on a segment- and context-oriented basis at the point of sale and beyond via their smartphone. Geofencing lets them determine the exact locations and context parameters for mobile campaigns. The retailer can design the format of the messages flexibly and send text- and picture notifications, as well as QR-codes, coupons, or app views.
Photo: product catalog via screen
By providing the customer with an original, gesture powered experience, Magic Catalog enables retailers to communicate the benefits of their products in a way which was practically unimaginable before. Now customers can learn about the products by using natural gestures, without touching the display. The novel experience takes interactivity and engagement to a level modern customers simply can’t resist.
Photo: intelligent fitting room at the booth of Salt Solutions
With the intelligent fitting room with alexa ePOS retailers are able to create a shopping experience that combines the strengths of e-commerce with the advantages of stationary retailing. The intelligent fitting room recognizes the garments that have customers selected to try on based on RFID technology or using an integrated barcode scanner. Available sizes and colors as well as matching garments for a complete outfit are then displayed on the touchscreen with instant ordering in the cabin.
Photo: sophisticated detection technology
findbox implements a sophisticated detection technology to identify objects carried by customers. Using this information, it suggests suitable products available on the store's shelf or in stock. In combination with the optional LightGuide system, you can even lead customers to the desired product.
Photo: 3D holography from Mangold
Magic Holo presents the linking of the virtual and real product worlds with holography, which brings products to life and visualizes them in an emotional manner. Retailers benefit from the appeal of the 3D projections, which are visible without special glasses and thereby arouse the attention of passing customers. The positive surprise effect results in new lead generations and measurably increasing revenues.
Photo: Interaktive Digital Signage solution from Bütema
The Digital Signage solution sovia retail is shown at EuroCIS, among others, on a 2x2 Feature Wall, a 80" screen and a 1x2 stele in a shop window. The Guided Selling system, which deals with sales promotion in retail, can also be tested. The connection between the two systems is made possible by the so-called push function. With this function, product information can be "pushed" directly to a digital signage screen from a smartphone.
Foto: Wegeleitung für Shopping Malls von dimedis
Dimedis presents the guidance system kompas wayfinding on a stele as it is used in the Abu Dhabi Mall. kompas wayfinding is an intuitive and intelligent guidance system - the interaction with the visitor works via touchscreen. kompas wayfinding anonymously documents all actions and locations oft he useres and thus also is a permanent survey tool.
Foto: digitale Shoplösung von Pyramid
The Intelligent Vending modules by Pyramid are lockers which are controlled via smartphone or a polytouch as a control unit, so that a customer can shop independently or pick up goods even after the store is closed. Integrated camera surveillance also allows reverse vending, thus enabling an automated return process. The camera documents if goods were returned.

Photo Gallery - Security solutions at EuroCIS 2016

With Clay retailers always have an overview of who has used what doors and when. At the same time, the system allows for a real-time response, for example, to withdraw access rights of specific users to specific doors immediately. This gives them a powerful tool to curb inventory losses by employees and suppliers. The function "multi-site management" enables superior access management for multiple sites.
SafePay is Gunnebo’s closed cash handling solution – a secure way to handle cash efficiently and remove cash differences. Closed cash handling replaces manual tills with a system which recycles and protects cash from the moment it leaves the customer’s hand until it reaches the cash-counting centre. No manual cash handling, no opportunity for cash differences and a safer store for both customers and staff.
The Cash-Room-Master safe lock was specially developed for the requirements in the cash office of supermarkets and discounters. At the first opening in the morning, two authorized persons enter their access code sequentially. The person entering the code first then is responsible for the money. After that, the safe can only be opened with his code by the one person in charge. This relieves, because the employees are not under general suspicion.
ClickSafe offers two main security tethering options, a double lock curly cable and a single lock straight cable, offering different locking options for a range of hardware and installation applications. The single lock straight cable option is designed to secure a payment terminal to a counter or wall using the anchor point. The carbon tempered 7×7 steel straight cable is simply looped through the anchor point and clicked onto the hardware anchor on the payment terminal. The die cast metal housing resists attacks and protects the advanced locking mechanism.
The intelligent, modular and networkable detection systems of the Sensormatic Synergy Series integrate various technologies such Akustomagnetics (AM), Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), video surveillance and customer frequency measurement (Traffic Intelligence) in a single antenna system. With this system, the retailer not only secures his inventory, but simultaneously acquires valuable inventory data and information about his customers.
At EuroCIS, Nedap shows its RF/RFID hybrid antennas and covert solutions - a RAIN RFID overhead reader and an RF antenna to be fastened to the door. These EAS solutions can be seamlessly integrated into the store design. They optimize the customer experience and enable more salesroom in highly frequented entrance areas.
The 26 liter basket GT26 eco is made of 100% recycled materials. The ergonomic, semicircular basket design allows an exculpatory carrying close to the body. To discourage theft and thus make sure that the basket remains secured in the market after shopping, Wanzl also equips the GT26 eco with security labels.
DP-8200 sorters feature two full size exit pockets, each one equipped with a big LED counter display and an automatic dust shutter. The solution counts and sorts huge amounts of banknotes fast and reliably. With a footprint of only 390 mm(D) x 310 mm(W) is one of the most compact solutions of its class. In fact, DP-8200 is just minimal bigger then usual 1.5 pocket counters. The dust shutter is unique in the class of full 2 pocket fitness sorters.
Central lynchpin for a high inventory accuracy are the distribution centers of the retailers. This is where the RFID tunnel solution comes into play. Products with RFID tags are detected automatically by the system at high speed. The solution is designed for both cartoned goods and for hanging clothing.
The trigger for the development of the Wa-Con system was the alarmingly high rate of products which were stolen on the lower shelf of a shopping trolley. A system had to be developed, which did not have the drawbacks of the existing mirror, photoelectric systems or various other systems. Clear terms of such a monitoring system must be reliable monitoring of the bottom shelf of the cart, while simultaneously not affecting the cash flow.
At EuroCIS, Axis shows the F34 monitoring system, an easily installable, unobtrusive monitoring system which consists of four cameras. It is particularly suited for small businesses. The solution is delivered with all hardware and software required for a complete integrated remote video monitoring and management system. Thus, a HDTV monitoring system can be set up easily and quickly.
Up to 30 HiRes images per second and excellent image quality even under poor illumination: The MOBOTIX D25 is perfectly suited for any task. Exchangeable lenses and various mounting and configuration options, including Vandalism Set, support countless applications.
The PeCo LC LASER SCANNER registers the movements of persons in entrance, exit and transit areas of shopping centers and pedestrian areas, without restricting the movement of the persons by channeling them. Using special laser detectors, the movement direction of all people in the detection area is registered, making it possible to determine the number of incoming and outgoing people.


Daniel Joha, Head of Retail Products and Solutions, shows the new products and solutions which METTLER TOLEDO is showcasing at EuroCIS 2016.

Bixolon - Omnichannel and beyond

Changes in retail are to a great extent due to the rise of mobile technology. Bixolon is especially active in mobile receipt printing applications. Kevin Lewey, Sales Manager at Bixolon, talks about the significance of mobile for the further development of the retail industry.

NCR: Omnichannel is now mainstream

In 2012, omnichannel was not a top priority for retailers, according to an EHI survey. Now, it is one of the biggest topics for more than half of them. Michael Bayer, President Retail Division at NCR, thinks one should rather talk about omnicommerce now.

APG Cash Drawer and Cash Bases' customers profit from merger

Two companies are now one: The integration of APG Cash Drawer and Cash Bases has been taking place over the last six months. Stephen Bergeron, VP Global Marketing at APG/Cash Bases explains how both companies and their consumers profit from the merger.

Zebra Technologies: What does Unified Commerce mean for retailers?

Peter Friedel from Zebra Technologies thinks that retail has come a long way in the last 12 months. The big buzzword "omnichannel" has faded away - now more and more industry professionals rather talk about "Unified Commerce". What this exactly means for retailers is explained by Zebra's expert in the video interview.

Verifone - The next generation of payment terminals

Verifone are presenting their newest products at EuroCIS again this year. The company is showcasing their new terminal platform „Verifone Engage“ which will be available in the middle of 2016. Markus Hövekamp, Managing Director at Verifone, explains the benefits of the new devices.

My personal assistant – the future of shopping

Pushing by yourself, searching by yourself, fetching for yourself – none of this will be necessary any more. At least, not in the shops of the future. The only thing you will still have to do is pay for yourself; the rest will be taken care of by robots, touchscreen displays and probably also sales staff. That is certainly the picture being painted at the EuroCIS in Düsseldorf – the trade fair for technology in the retail industry. And it is going to be futuristic, that much we can promise.

Searching? A Thing Of The Past. The Findbox Helps Find Simply Everything.

Be it a shelf full of light bulbs or ink cartridges – the right type of pasta or the desired can of food – customers often spend a lot of time in front of merchandise that they aren’t even looking for and still can’t find what they need. Thanks to the Findbox this will soon be a thing of the past. All it takes is a box in a shelf with a camera and a database – and searching will become history. This novelty and many more will be presented at the EuroCIS in Düsseldorf.